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October 2016

Last Week Was a Success!

I missed out!  I didn’t get a picture of those who came to our grand hoorah!  It was great to see and meet many of you.  This week we have the same schedule, but here is what you need to know.  Soon I will have a link on here to pay through paypal.  We also are looking into one of those square card readers so that I can take a debit or credit card.  That is not an option.  Right now we can only take cash or credit card.  Hopefully we will be up and running to do more than that next week so check back.

See you tomorrow, Monday at 9:30 am for PiYo LIVE! at Performance Martial Arts in Roseburg for a great workout that will help tone and define that while creating flexibility and balance!



Monday, October 10th (THIS MONDAY!) at 9:30 am is our PiYo LIVE! launch from our Performance Martial Arts Academy location!  I am so excited that I thought I would let you all get to workout with me for FREE!  This Monday, October 10th and Wednesday, October 12th–not just 1 class, but 2!  Come for our launch on Monday or/and Wednesday and get in free!  I also have another special just for those who come.  Buy a punch card of 10 classes and get a free class thrown in!  (This deal is normally only reserved for members of Performance Martial Arts Academy, but I am making it available to the public for this next week only!  You can use the free class pass yourself or give it to a friend to work out with you.  This workout is for men and women of all ages and stages.  It can be modified for most fitness levels and allows you to get a good workout and still get the flexibility and balance that most traditional exercises lack.

Wonder what PiYo is?  Here is a trailer produced by  the author of PiYo Chalene Johnson:

video and images attributed to beachbody

First PiYo LIVE! class offered at Performance Martial Arts 10/10/2016!


performance-martial-artsI have been collaborating with Ryan over at Performance martial arts to bring the ability for more people in the Roseburg area to take a PiYo LIVE! class.  The first class will be the coming Monday, October 10, 2016 at 9:30 am!  Performance Martial Arts is located at 760 NW Hill, Roseburg, OR 97471.  You don’t have to pay a monthly fee so you are never out money when you can’t make it.  We use a punch card system.  You only pay $3/class when you buy a 10 class punch card.  If you want to just drop-in and try it out our drop-in fee is $5/class.  Classes will be Mondays/Wednesdays at 9:30.

I have taught a lot of formats, but PiYo is truly my favorite class I have ever taught.  It incorporates all 4 aspects of fitness:  cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance.  The music is completely inspiring and not in a I’m listening to quiet babbling brooks and chirping birds and I want to fall asleep kind of way, but more like Hey! this song on the radio, that I am totally jamming out to right now, was a song I worked out to in my PiYo class!  Yep, it’s that kind of love.  You use your body weight and large muscle movement to create strength and cardio.  There is very little jumping involved (we may throw in a few burpees here and there because what is a party without burpees occasionally!)

We’ll see you there!

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