Hi! My name is Deborah Lander.  I have taught group fitness for almost 13 years and personal trained for 7 years. The current love of my life is PiYo LIVE!®, but I have taught Hi/Low Aerobics, Step, Spin, Bootcamp, Zumba®, Hoops, Ball, Strength Training, BEATS and Dance Fitness. I am passionate about health and fitness and the depth of happiness and quality they can bring into your life.

My fitness journey really started 15 years ago.  I had never truly had a weight problem.  I danced and ran in high school.  In college I was a physical therapy major with a minor in dance.  I danced hours every day.  My biggest worries were the 10 pounds I seemed to gain or lose…not so big now that I have lived life a little more.  During my first pregnancy, while working a desk job I gained 60 lbs!  I was in shock!  I was disgusted with my body and how I looked.  I felt sluggish and embarrassed.  None of my clothes fit. My husband saw my shame and unhappiness.  He showed me the way by going to the gym everyday.  At first I was skeptical.  All my efforts to get back into a routine that I never truly had were short lived–I thought that’s how everybody played the game…one week..two tops!  I was wrong.  Week after week he consistently went to the gym to workout.  People really do that!  I gave it a whirl and here I am.  I loved it so much and what it did for me that I started instructing after the birth of my second son.  I love the way it makes me feel.

The pregnancy with my fourth was a very difficult one.  My health and weight took a hit amongst many unscheduled road bumps.  The journey has been hard and as much as I have learned…I find I am still learning!  I would love to share my journey with you and all that I have learned.  And we can learn even more together!